Break Free of the Cold Calling Addiction

A sales professional can’t use an anti-social sales tactic and win at social selling.

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For the 3 out of 10 sales professionals whom still think cold calling rules – then why the hell are you reading this site? Shouldn’t you be on the phone? Maybe a part of you knows that you’re addicted to an anti-social sales tool with a dismal future. We can help you, too.

The Ygetarts Is Cold Calling a Positive Sales Tactic? 

The Ygetarts survey – “Is Cold Calling a Positive Sales Tactic?” delivered some staggering results. Results that put many cold calling trainers and advocates into a spin. A spin where they felt attacking before reading results was their only option.

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Executive Summary -Survey- Is Cold Calling a Positive Sales Tactic?

Consumers universally dislike receiving cold calls, and even sales professionals report (by 69% to 31%) that they have unfavorable reactions to cold calls. Cold calling is an inherently antisocial behavior, and its effectiveness – already decreasing – is certain to decay even further in the coming years. Salespeople who hang onto the belief that cold calling is a sustainable method for making sales are falling victim to errors in reasoning and need to reevaluate their techniques in order to thrive in the future.

A Little History on Why the Survey Got Created

On LinkedIn, I’d done a tongue in cheek post about why cold calling should be killed. It was a little humor, people. Lighten up. Well some sales trainers got upset and started to declare war on little ol’ me. It became clear that something I said had upset the “Church of Cold Calling Gurus,” and some fun keyboard strokes began to fly. What was blowing me away was that established authors and self-proclaimed sales gurus were attacking me – and they didn’t even know me.

I took a moment and thought to myself, “What if I’m wrong?” Hell, if I’m wrong I’m always willing to apologize. One thing we all learn is that nobody is right all of the time. I set a challenge to two of the sales trainers who had been attacking me. One accepted and actually manned up for a training challenge. It will be a simple challenge. One company. Two sales teams of 16 each (nice sample size). My team will not be able to use cold calling as a tactic. His will be. The company will have to donate the training fee of winner to their sales team charity of choice.

The other chickened out so fast it was hilarious. In all fairness, both of them got set up to troll the post by a guy has proclaimed himself Canada’s most Dynamic Sales Coach. This was a guy that initially agreed with my post, then invited me to be on his podcast, then reposted it on his page saying that, “I thought cold calling was dead.” Then he never had me on his podcast, and you get the picture. Oh, of course he requested the report – as if nothing had ever happened.

When we did the cartoon to promote the launch of the report, another sales trainer from another country jumped in. This guy had made a dig on the post that said zzzz. I told him to stay asleep and he unravelled, bitching about a report that he hadn’t read because it hadn’t yet been released. I offered a free coaching session to anyone who ever had fallen asleep during one of his trainings. He of course blocked me. Now, this not just was one, two, or three. It was now four sales trainers defending the most anti-social sales tactic in the world – cold calling.

I saw a pattern.
  • Older and out-of-touch-men who believe there’s an actual sales system
  • Of course that system is their system
  • They might even have a book
  • Most of them started in sales last century, when cold calling was the norm
  • They’re addicted to speaking rather than listening
  • They travel quite a bit
  • Most of their focus is on how to manipulate people
  • They avoid customer service whenever possible
  • They argue on social media about social media
  • A tendency to attack
  • Extremely thin skin where their bravado is met with facts

Anyone who does sales training understands one thing – there is no system. Everything is bespoke. Build-to-fit your needs of today. Not the past needs. Today.


The Opportunity – No Cold Calling Training

I’ve never been a fan of bullies like these guys who were just mad because my idea might take away their lunch money. With that in mind, I’m launching sales training for individuals and companies that never want to make another cold call in their life.

If you’re in the 31% of sales professionals that still believe cold calling is the best thing, and want to operate the same way in this century that they did in las, I can’t help you.

If you’re a sales professional who wants to join the other 69% by finding social selling solutions, my team and I can help.

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